It is a vertical set-up with Knitting & Processing of fabrics, until finished garments are done in-house.

A 240 meters long and 70 meters wide process house that covers an area of 180,768 sq. ft, one of the largest in the world under one roof, makes fabrics for its garmenting units. Equipped with digital dispenser system for error-free, automatic and computer-controlled preparation of color recipes, high quality knitting machines, most modern dyeing, printing and finishing machines that use cutting-edge technology, the plant produces 50,000 Kilograms of knitted fabrics that are of exceptional quality, and is well appreciated and recognized by reputed childrenswear apparel brands in the United States and Europe.

Its garmenting unit uses latest machinery for pattern CAD, plotting and grading. Automatic spreader machines enhance the speed of spreading. Automated cutting machines enable faster & precision cutting. Latest sewing machinery ensures stain-free, quality sewing. Most modern embroidery machines are on hand. Needle detector machines ensure safety of products before shipping. State-of-the-art spectrophotometer ensures electronic color reading & transmission.


The company believes that employees are its wealth. Its 7000-odd employees are provided free food and accommodation in addition to high salary and benefits that also include ESI, PF, Gratuity, etc. All living spaces and workplaces, including production facilities, are centrally air-conditioned. It provides free transportation facilities to all employees to commute between the city and its premises. Doctor-on-call, Counselors, Stationed nurses and a Medical laboratory are made available to its employees free of cost. ATM, Shopping and Bakery services are also available within its premises. Its clean and modern dormitories and cooking & dining facilities are highly appreciated all over the world. Satellite TVs are available for entertainment of hostel residents. For those who are spiritually inclined, there are temples, churches and mosques not far away from its premises. Arts and Sports events are conducted periodically at its premises.